Hey, my name’s Nick and I’m really glad that you’ve found your way to my blog. Since you are here that must mean you have an interest in Japanese gardens, gardening in general and the wonderful and amazing Bonsai Tree!

I have to admit I’m crazy over those little Bonsai Trees, they just seem to me to be some of the most incredible plants around and so enjoyable to create and to take care of. Something I could probably spend plenty of hours doing if I just let everything else go. Which of course sometimes I do and can get myself in a heap of trouble with the wife. But that’s neither here nor there. Sure don’t want to get on that subject right now. LOL

I am hoping that this blog of mine can be a tool for which I can share my love of the Bonsai as well as Japanese gardens, creating a Zen feeling in the home and yard as well as overall gardening with others who share the same love for the beauty of gardening.

I find that all kinds of gardening but especially Bonsai gardening and Japanese gardening is so rewarding and it can bring a lot of peace and harmony to your life that I love sharing with others. I like being able to share what I know and also exchange ideas with others who do similar kinds of gardening.

I want to be able to show those who have never done this kind of gardening how it’s done and not to be afraid to try and tackle it because it’s really not as scary as it might seem. It just takes a little bit of patience, time and loving care to create lovely Bonsai Trees along with beautiful gardens that create a peace and tranquility that we all need in our lives.

On top of my love for all that is gardening, I simply love nature and communing with nature every chance I get. I especially love to go to places that show off a variety of gardening skills that create beautiful environments that we can all enjoy and appreciate. Visiting different gardens all over the country is one thing I truly enjoy doing and I try to visit different gardens as often as I can.

Of course I realize that there’s more to life than just gardening and Bonsai Trees, and I do have other interests trust me. I really like working with my hands, so no wonder I love all things gardening, but I also enjoy doing some woodworking especially if I can create things to go into the garden. I also enjoy taking hikes in parks, in the mountains along a lake shore or visit a beach and stroll through the sand as the water comes rolling in from the waves. Anything outdoors is good to me, just nothing like being able to appreciate all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Some of my other interests I have are bike riding, camping, swimming, fishing and riding motorcycles. Nothing like feeling the wind rush past you as you are riding down the road on a motorcycle. It’s just another wonderful way to get out in nature and take in all of it’s natural beauty.

I hope that this blog will allow me to showcase some of my key interests and that perhaps I can even encourage you to take a shot at some of the same things.