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I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of guy who is always looking for some way to make life easier, simpler and just outright more peaceful. So, I’m always trying to find new ways to solve every day annoyances. You know what I mean? Well, I’ve found a few nifty little tricks they don’t teach you about in school that I hope will help make you life flow a little easier.

Here’s a list of hacks that I’m sure you will find useful and will want to share with everyone you might know.

Defog Your Bathroom Mirror

Everyone hates it when the darn bathroom mirror gets fogged up. Well, there are several different things you can do to solve that issue. You can apply shaving cream and wipe it off, wipe down the mirror with vinegar or even car wax. However, why not just take a hair dryer and put it on the cool mode. This is a really quick way to get rid of the steam.

Keep Your Bathroom and Kitchen Throw Rugs From Moving

Don’t you just hate how those small rugs you put in the bathroom floor or you kitchen floor are always moving on you? Well, you can easily solve that problem by putting a strip of Velcro on the bottom of each corner on your rug and then put the other half in the spots you want the rug to be placed. That’s all there is to keeping your rugs from slipping all the time.

Get Rid of Dents in Wood Floors

Do your wood floors have dents in them in spots? Can’t get rid of them? Well, you actually can. Just take a steam iron and a wet cloth or wet paper towel and place the cloth or paper towel on the dent in the wood floor and run the steam iron over it for three to five minutes and that should help to remove the dent in the wood.

Those Darn Key Rings

Everyone knows just how annoying those darn key rings are and we all know they are just waiting to rip our fingernails right off our fingers. Well to avoid damaging your nails just take a staple remover and it will easily open up those rings. It really works quite easily.

Save Those Bread Clips

Don’t throw those bread package clips away. Why? Well do you have a favorite pair of flip flops that you want to keep wearing a while longer? We all know that eventually that strap is going break through the hole. You keep your flip flops from doing that by putting a bread clip around the the bottom of the strap on your flip flop, this will keep it from slipping through the hole in the flip flop.

Protect Walls With Painter’s Tape

Got kids that want to decorate their walls with pictures and posters but you don’t want the tape they use to ruin the paint on your walls? Here’s an easy fix for that problem. Just put some painters tape on the wall where the double sided tape is going to go and you’ll never have to worry about the tape removing your paint.

Can’t Remove a Stripped Screw?

Got a stripped screw that you can’t remove? Sure you can. All you need is a rubber band and put in between the stripped screw and the screw driver. This will give you enough grip so you can remove the screw.

Taming Fly Away Hair

Okay, this is one from my wife that she wanted me to add to this list. If you have fly away hair when you are brushing your hair, my wife swears by this one. Take a dryer sheet and then poke your hairbrush bristles through the dryer sheet. This will keep the static out of your hair and she says it makes your hair smell good too.

Keep Wrapping Paper Together

Don’t you hate how wrapping paper can unroll when you want to store it away? Well you can keep that from happening by taking some toilet paper rolls, cutting them down the middle and then put them over the wrapping paper. This will keep your wrapping paper from unrolling and getting all wrinkled.

Hand Can Opener to the Rescue

I absolutely hate those darn plastic blister packs that so many things come in today. They are near impossible to open without cutting yourself or breaking nails and not to mention just how frustrating they can be. Well, here is a way to avoid all that frustration. Just take a hand held can opener and run it across the top of the package and it will open it right up. It’s a lot faster and a lot easier than even using a pair of scissors.

Restore Your Dried Up Sharpie

Just because your Sharpie has dried up does not necessarily mean that it’s totally out of ink. So here’s a trick to see if it will still work. Take a small bowl and fill it with rubbing alcohol and then let the tip of your Sharpie soak in the bowl for a little bit. Now put the cap back on the pen for about an hour. If there is still ink in your Sharpie this technique should bring it back to life.

Removing Water Stains From Tables

Can’t seem to get rid of the water stain rings you find on your coffee table or dining table? Well there is a way that you can get rid of those water marks. Just take some white toothpaste and rub it on with a soft cloth for a few minutes and you will see amazing results and your table will look like new. Better yet, make sure people use their darn coasters!

Hope you find some of these helpful.


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