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Zen as most people know relates to the principles of meditation and relaxation and it doesn’t always mean that it has to be outside in a garden atmosphere. You can freely make any room in your home have that Zen factor.

In today’s world, no wonder people are always trying to find something or some place to try and help them relieve the stress they experience every day in their lives. That’s why thinking about creating a space in your home for a Zen atmosphere is a good idea for some people. It’s always nice to have a place in your home that is a peaceful haven and gives you comfort after a hard day at work. Zen principles are being applied to interior design more often these days and is becoming quite a trend for the modern home actually. When you create a Zen room you are creating a place that has balance, harmony as well as relaxation written all over it.

Here are a few steps my wife and I came up with that we hope will help you create the ideal Zen room for your home.

Step 1 – Earthy Colors

When you think of a Zen influenced design you need to think about the colors and it’s mostly dealing with natural colors that are in delicate tones like white, gray and beige tones or even a pinkish beige. All of these colors have a way of inducing a relaxing feeling in a room as well as a feeling of calmness. You need mellow harmony with all the elements in your home and you also need a nice look that compliments your walls, the furniture as well as your floors.

So, for you to add some contour to a room that is monochrome you are going to want to make sure that you choose a nice combination of one dominate color that has matching objects along with texture like a white or a beige tone with a rosewood. When creating diversity you should try to put together a couple of colors which match or just play around with a variety of colors until you find a combination that pleases you.

Step 2 – Your Feet Need Softness Too

When it comes to the flooring one of the best things to use is parquet because it’s simply the safest choice for wood flooring. You may want to choose from white, grayish or some sort of lighter colored parquet that gives the best match for your entire room.

Another very comfortable flooring would be a resin floor finish. This is a comfy look for a really modern room or to give a room that loft atmosphere. You also might consider wool carpeting if you want to go with a carpeting, but, if you do pick carpeting you might want to refine your Zen décor to reinforce the cocoon feeling of the room that can be associated with different wool carpets or cotton. Make sure that when you pick the carpet color you stick with something like moleskin, gray or khaki.

Step 3 – Fabrics Need to Be Light and Natural

The fabric is very important when trying to create a Zen room and the rule is usually to pick something that is natural, light as well as comfortable. One really important part of a Zen room are your curtains because they give you an intimate feeling and privacy along with reducing any noise and also blocking out any air drafts. You should go with all natural textiles and then make sure to match them with the entire room.

Step 4 – Keep Lights Both Natural and Soft

To make the space extremely relaxing you need to get rid of any hard florescent lighting and replace them with calming and even nature inspired lighting.. Try and put different forms of light that will let you control how intense you want certain areas lit up. Try to avoid projecting any strong direct lighting coming from your ceiling and make sure to take use of all different ways in which to mix floor lamps with lamp sets and utilize all indirect lighting.

Step 5 – Keep Your Furniture Simple as Well as Natural

The kind of furniture you will want to create a Zen atmosphere will need to be simple with clear lines. Try to avoid details that are complicated and a lot of ornamentation. Your furniture needs to be of a good quality that is also made from all natural materials because this is going to bring a nice feeling of relaxation along with warmth. You can bring life back into things like closets, cupboards, cabinets, dressers if you paint them in colors that go with your interior. If you are considering making your bedroom Zen here are a few tips on bedroom furniture:

•    Make sure your bed has nice natural light and keep it away from a door or entry way.
•    Decorations for your bed should be kept to a bare minimum and consider using soft materials for your covers or throws and don’t accent with cushions. Go with various sizes in pillows to add contrast.
•    A stand by the bed is useful and is a good accent piece and adds overall design to your room.
•    If you are wanting a little reading nook just pick a really comfortable armchair that is simple in design and make sure that it has simple lines.

Step 6 – Keep Ornamentation to a Minimum and Add Natural Scents to the Room

Make sure that your wall decorations and decorations you have around the room are simple. Try to avoid any kind of collections of photos or paintings and only put up what is truly dear to your heart. You can also harmony to your room with some natural scents. You can put a variety of naturally scented candles around the room to fill the air with fresh natural scents that are calming when they need to be and then scents that can be invigorating when they need to be.

Step 7 – Get Rid of or Hide All Electronic Devices

Your high tech devices are often the biggest source of your distraction so you need to do something about that. If you have to have a TV in the room you are working on just make sure it’s put in a place they won’t be noticed or even put them in a cabinet where they are hidden. Also, make sure to hide all the wires or cables so they don’t distort the peaceful atmosphere you are trying to create.

Step 8 – Bring in the Green to Add Calmness

Finally, add some green to your room. Plants have always had a way of bringing calm to people because of the calming effect that green colors have and they also provide us with oxygen. You should try to avoid flowering plants that need special attention. You should consider things such as Bonsai trees, ferns, Bird of Paradise or consider using terrariums you can hang.

Well, there you have it, hope this will help you create a special peaceful haven in your own home.


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