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I am always trying to find some way to save money, refurbish and turn something that’s nothing into something. Just the way I am. Well, did you know that not only does spray paint save you money when you are working on projects but it can turn even the drabbest thing into something special.

I’ve put together some ways that you can use spray paint to renew items and turn them into something you never thought they could be, thanks to a can of spray paint.

Make Plastic Tubs Look Galvanized

You can buy plastic tubs and plastic bins at the Dollar Store in your area or Walmart for real cheap and they can be used for a variety of different things. As for me, I use them for planters and even drinking tubs for our pets. It’s up to you. But you can make them fit your patio, garden or home a lot better if you just take your favorite color of spray paint and spray them with several coats. Quick and easy.

Create Cool Looking Metallic Flower Pots

Got some old beat up and ugly looking terra cotta pots sitting around your house? Well if you do, here is  a way in which you can turn them into works of art with just a couple of coats of spray paint that can be metallic if you prefer but you can also spray paint them with chalkboard paint or a blast of glitter spray paint. It’s all up to you. Just take the old pots and clean off any dirt there is on them and sand it a little bit so the paint will stick easier and then spray the pot with whatever kind of spray paint you want. Myself, I prefer gold and silver metallic spray paint for my pots.

Turn Your Ordinary Glass Vase Into Mercury Glass

Right now it seems the rage is mercury glass. However, the big drawback for this stuff is that it’s really expensive, and me, I’m all about saving money. So here is a way you can take an ordinary glass vase or anything glass and turn it into something that looks like mercury glass. All you need is to get some spray paint that is called “Mirror Effect”. Take the glass piece you want to work with and spray it with equal parts of water and vinegar and then spray the glass piece with the “Mirror Effect” spray paint. That’s all there is to it.

Repurpose Your Tin Cans

Don’t throw those cans away because you can turn them into nice looking pots for your herbs. My wife loves these in her kitchen. Just take some cans and remove the labels and poke holes in the bottom for drainage. Now take whatever color of spray paint you want, I went with a copper metallic and then spray the can with it. I also got some chalkboard paint and sprayed an area of the can with that so that my wife could label each pot with the kind of herb she had growing in them.

Paint Those Pine Cones

Got a bunch of pine cones lying around in your yard? Well instead of throwing them away try using them as decorations, especially at Christmas. Just gather a bunch up and spray them with gold and silver or even glitter spray paint and then arrange them in a nice bowl or in a glass vase for display.

Make Those Refrigerator Letter Magnets More Adult

Got a bunch of those bright colored letter magnets left over from the kids were younger and want to make them more grown up looking? Or do you just want to create an adult message center on the fridge? Well, you can do it. Just take a can of metallic spray paint of the color you want and spray those plastic letter magnets. That’s all there is to that and they really do look great on the fridge, my wife loves them!

Turn Dead Branches Into Works of Art

Instead of throwing all your dead branches away consider using some of the more unusually shaped branches for creating works of art. Just clean them up a bit and then take whatever color of metallic spray paint you want to go with your décor and spray them. You’d be amazed at how great they look and how much they can add to your rooms décor.

Turn Old Bowling Balls Into Garden Art

Use to bowl and don’t anymore but you still have those heavy bowling balls hanging around? Well here’s a way that you can use them again as garden art by turning them into mirrored gazing garden balls. If you don’t have any bowling balls just go to a thrift store and buy a few. Get some Mirror Effect spray paint and simply spray the old bowling balls and put them out in a special area of your garden. Just make sure the finger holes are on the bottom and not showing.

Make Plastic Storage Drawers Special

Have some of those plastic storage drawers hanging around? Are you tired of how boring they look? Well there’s an easy fix for that. Just get some metallic spray paint and simply paint the lids and the pull handles with the metallic color you want. Really spruces them up.

Make Your Countertops Look Brand New

Here’s a great and cheap way to make both your bathroom and kitchen counters look brand new. This is especially great if you are on a budget and can’t afford to purchase new countertops. Just go out and buy some “Stone” spray paint and spray the old countertops with the spray paint. Just make sure to use painters tape around the sinks and put plastic inside your sinks so they won’t get any paint on them. Once finished you have brand new countertops!



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